Pick up/Drop-off Procedures

Our service is characterized as door-to-door. This means that although most of our customers do not require physical assistance, there are many that need help getting to and boarding our vehicles. NWTHRA drivers cannot enter a customer’s home, but they are allowed to help push a wheelchair from the entrance of the pick-up location to the vehicle, or assist a walking customer up or down a flight of steps. It is the rider’s responsibility to let the scheduler know if such assistance is required so that sufficient time is allotted in the driver’s schedule to make sure the customer can safely board the vehicle. For those customers who do not require assistance, he/she will be expected to be able to board/exit the vehicle unassisted.

Passenger Assistance by Van Drivers DOES NOT include:

  • Locking/unlocking doors or activating/deactivating alarms to any facility or residence.
  • Loading and unloading personal items (except as explained on the Packages page of this website).
  • Handling service animals.
  • Handling the controls of electric wheelchairs or scooters.
  • Providing medical treatment.
  • Scheduling trips, changing schedules, confirming future trips, making change for fares or keeping track of fare overpayments.